Hell Is For Children by Diana

Nov 07, 2019

They cry in the dark, so you can't see their tears
They hide in the light, so you can't see their fears
Forgive and forget, all the while
Love and pain become one and the same
In the eyes of a wounded child        

From “Hell is for Children”, Pat Benator


As a child I did not want anyone to find out that I was being abused, I was ashamed of what was happening, and my victimizer did an excellent job of shifting responsibility of this reprehensible act from him to me.  I felt responsible.  I was guilty.  I didn’t want anyone to know had happened to me, so I protected my offender by doing as I was told, being silent and acting normal.

As an adult thinking back, my heart is broken for that little girl I used to be.  I understand that she was taught to be respectful of adults, to do what she was told and to keep the peace in the family.  I know that she had once told on her biological father for...

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