The 'No BS' Guide to Personal Growth: A Comedy of Errors and Wisdom

Nov 08, 2023

Mel Robbins – that dynamo of truth bombs and no-nonsense wisdom! If you don’t know her, you’ve got to look her up - author, motivational speaker, podcast host and tell-it-like-it is personal development guru.

At first, I didn’t quite warm up to her, she was like the spinach of personal development leaders, a little hard to swallow. Maybe it was her unwavering candor, her outspoken approach, or the fact that she was basically a mirror showing me my own flaws. But she slowly grew on me and now she’s my personal therapist, whether she knows it or not!

A few weeks back, I found myself glued to one of her Instagram videos. There she was passionately addressing someone who couldn’t quit the addiction of peeking at their ex’s social media life, even seven years after divorce!

Mel’s reaction was classic, with her “what the hell are you doing to your life?” vibe (in a loving, supportive way, of course).

However, suddenly I felt like she had exposed my soul. It was as if she’d personally slapped some sense into me. How on Earth did she know that just days before, I’d gone on a social media stalking spree, including a detour to Ex-Ville” I hadn’t confessed this to anyone – it was my little secret. I justified it as “checking up” on them, making sure they were coping post-me. But Mel wasn’t buying my flimsy excuses. She delivered the ultimate verdict – “BLOCK THEM! Yes, really. She declared it a harmful, toxic cycle, while I was still reeling from the unmasking of my big secret.

The thing is, I’m exceptionally self-aware. When someone holds up a mirror to my face, I can’t pretend I don’t see my reflection, and she was right! It was an embarrassing wake-up call even though no one else was around. This strange potentially addicting negative behavior wasn’t benefiting me at all. These people were no longer in my life for a reason – there was stress and pain connected to them. In fact, it was bringing me down and wasting precious time and who needs that?

So, hats off to Mel for the advice and the wisdom. I did it; I let go of that tricky, painful piece of my life – I hit the “block” button. Sometimes even I need to be reminded that “LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!”

Thanks Mel, for helping me see the light, even if it stung a little at first.

Love is ALL there is!




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