Life Flies By....

Feb 01, 2023

Friends, it’s true what they say, “Life flies by”….

When I look at these few snapshots of my brother’s life, I am reminded again of how precious and unpredictable life is, and I feel sad to know that we won’t get any future pictures of him. Just a few months ago, surrounded by loved ones, Jimmy left this earthly existence.

Losing a sibling is heart-wrenching on several levels. Before he passed, my two brothers were probably the only people alive who really knew me well as a child. Knew how we were raised. Knew how we were loved. Knew our family function… and dysfunction.

All his life we saw Jimmy as the omega man - stronger than an ox, brilliant, athletic, fun, tall, dark and handsome. He could do anything he set his mind to. As the middle child, he was the facilitator, the one of us with a heart of gold and the one who would, literally, give you the shirt off his back.

Thanks to our momma, our bond was strong.

Jimmy grew up to be a...

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Love and War

Mar 16, 2022

March, 2022 – there’s talk of worldwide war, Ukraine is being invaded by Russia. The Ukraine’s are fleeing their country for their survival, and some are staying to fight bravely their challenging adversary, while the rest of us watch shocked, heartbroken for the victims, and pissed off at a foreign leader who seems to have lost his heart and soul, not to mention, his marbles.

And all the while, there’s some kind of deep “knowing” that we’re not aware of the whole story…and we’re not sure who to trust anymore.

Nevertheless, we do what we can….from afar. Pray. Meditate. For Peaceful vibes. For Wise decisions. For comfort for the victims…and for all of us.

We contribute to organizations that provide support. Help our neighbors and friends….and even strangers we’ve never met.

But still, here, life goes on…

I got a call from my nephew. He and his girlfriend are in...

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