Love and War

Mar 16, 2022

March, 2022 – there’s talk of worldwide war, Ukraine is being invaded by Russia. The Ukraine’s are fleeing their country for their survival, and some are staying to fight bravely their challenging adversary, while the rest of us watch shocked, heartbroken for the victims, and pissed off at a foreign leader who seems to have lost his heart and soul, not to mention, his marbles.

And all the while, there’s some kind of deep “knowing” that we’re not aware of the whole story…and we’re not sure who to trust anymore.

Nevertheless, we do what we can….from afar. Pray. Meditate. For Peaceful vibes. For Wise decisions. For comfort for the victims…and for all of us.

We contribute to organizations that provide support. Help our neighbors and friends….and even strangers we’ve never met.

But still, here, life goes on…

I got a call from my nephew. He and his girlfriend are in love, and they are pregnant. They want to take the next step and asked me if I would “marry them” since I am an officiant, and without hesitation, I said “yes”. As I hung up, I realized that although I have been certified to do this for years, I have never officiated a wedding.  Before going into anxiety, I decided right then and there, this was my opportunity to learn something new, support someone else and do something I’ve always wanted to do.

Excited and a bit anxious, I set out to help them make this day exactly as they wished it to be. Just a week later, it was a simple affair. Beautiful and sweet. I watched the bride-to-be and her friends purposefully swirl about preparing for the ceremony, while the rest of us supported the groom as he anxiously did everything he could to make this day exactly what his bride desired.

As we stood outside in the sunshiny pre-spring Arizona day, the glowing bride presented herself and walked down the “aisle” to take her place beside her partner. With a huge smile and teary eyes, the groom took her hand. I said my thing, they said theirs and it was done. They had committed themselves to supporting and loving one another and their growing family.

Soaking up the warm sun and the beauty of that precious moment, we laughed and cried. We hugged and kissed. We shared words of support and encouragement. We felt optimism and hope and …..gratitude.

With a joyful heart just a few days later, I am here at my desk looking out into the beautiful backyard where this took place. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to share some love and camaraderie with friends and family amidst a world of uncertainty. 

I am grateful that our fear did not overwhelm us and deny us those precious moments.

I am grateful that I live in a country that affords us safety, freedom, and democracy. 

I am grateful that I still have hope for a tomorrow in which my nephew and his family and all other families can thrive.

While the uneasiness of possible war and an invasion of my fellow human being’s country is always on my mind, I am grateful that I can set aside the sorrow, fear and anger to be present in the moments that continue. 

I am still living……still learning….still kicking and screaming….still silent….still….I am.

I am grateful to remember to put LOVE at the center of my thoughts and actions.

LOVE is ALL there is.


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