Celebrating You!

Feb 08, 2023

He was turning eight on February 8th, 1968, wondering why none of us had wished him a happy birthday. We were just following instructions, but bursting from our little bitty seams, because we knew…we knew there was a surprise coming.

After dinner was cleaned up, my brother Jimmy was moping about, dropping hints about what day it was. Momma took him by the shoulders, hugged him tight and said, “Happy birthday, son!” That was it. Unusual in our family because Momma made holidays and birthdays extra special. I thought I saw his heart drop to his stomach…but still he smiled with those big brown eyes and said, “Thank you, Momma”.

She sent us to wash our hands and tidy our bedrooms. Calling us 15 minutes later for homemade cake and ice cream…and yes, a couple of birthday presents!

Just then the doorbell rang and this time, Momma insisted on answering it herself. One after another, our family members and friends filed in singing “Happy...

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Life Flies By....

Feb 01, 2023

Friends, it’s true what they say, “Life flies by”….

When I look at these few snapshots of my brother’s life, I am reminded again of how precious and unpredictable life is, and I feel sad to know that we won’t get any future pictures of him. Just a few months ago, surrounded by loved ones, Jimmy left this earthly existence.

Losing a sibling is heart-wrenching on several levels. Before he passed, my two brothers were probably the only people alive who really knew me well as a child. Knew how we were raised. Knew how we were loved. Knew our family function… and dysfunction.

All his life we saw Jimmy as the omega man - stronger than an ox, brilliant, athletic, fun, tall, dark and handsome. He could do anything he set his mind to. As the middle child, he was the facilitator, the one of us with a heart of gold and the one who would, literally, give you the shirt off his back.

Thanks to our momma, our bond was strong.

Jimmy grew up to be a...

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You're Just Jealous. Well, Yes I am

Jan 27, 2022

I’m jealous. It irks me that after all these years of consistently hiking the challenging path of self-development, I still stumble and get hung up with unappealing, downright hopeless feelings. 

But then I remember, and .…I remind myself that I am a human being, and we trip up along our way, especially when we’re adventurous, open-hearted beings, willing to take risks to authentically live our lives.
It just so happens that my small book club is reading Brene Brown’s newest book, “Atlas of the Heart”. 

I’m going to diverge here for a moment and tell you that Brene Brown is one of my heroes. I’ve read multiple times, every single book she’s written.  Her words speak directly to my spirit. She may not be aware of it, but we’re kindred souls. Her writing, research and wisdom have contributed greatly to my spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. But back to her most recent book and...

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