Celebrating You!

Feb 08, 2023

He was turning eight on February 8th, 1968, wondering why none of us had wished him a happy birthday. We were just following instructions, but bursting from our little bitty seams, because we knew…we knew there was a surprise coming.

After dinner was cleaned up, my brother Jimmy was moping about, dropping hints about what day it was. Momma took him by the shoulders, hugged him tight and said, “Happy birthday, son!” That was it. Unusual in our family because Momma made holidays and birthdays extra special. I thought I saw his heart drop to his stomach…but still he smiled with those big brown eyes and said, “Thank you, Momma”.

She sent us to wash our hands and tidy our bedrooms. Calling us 15 minutes later for homemade cake and ice cream…and yes, a couple of birthday presents!

Just then the doorbell rang and this time, Momma insisted on answering it herself. One after another, our family members and friends filed in singing “Happy...

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It's a Perspective....Love is ALL there is!

Apr 14, 2022

As a student of life…particularly my life, I’ve been intrigued by people – who they are and why they do the things they do….including me, and why I do what I do…and why I did what I’ve done.

Like most, I’ve had my ups and downs…. my triumphs and traumas…my joy and heartbreak.

It took some time for me to fully understand that GUS (God, Universe, Spirit) was not taking it out on me and to realize that challenges are part of the human condition….it’s not personal.

Reflecting on this new insight, I realized that I had the gift and responsibility of choosing how to perceive the various circumstances I experience.

Understanding that my goal is to live peacefully, intentionally, and joyfully, I concluded that I wish to strive to always think, speak and act from a place of love.

“Love is ALL there is,” is my mantra.

It does not mean that I am not aware that there is darkness in the world…in...

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