Shed Old Baggage

Aug 24, 2021

Don’t Pinch Babies!
All reptiles shed their skin and it happens at different frequencies depending on the species. It’s a thing, it happens whether they want it to or not. When they are healthy, the reptile has a complete shedding resulting in a new beginning of sorts.
We humans shed our skin continuously, it’s not necessarily “a thing” and we often don’t notice it.
Similarly, our psyche works to shed our emotional baggage and it continues through our life, our whole life, even when we’re over sixty. It’s okay to deal with really, really old baggage as it comes up. Face it. See it as it is. Come to terms with it. Let it go. Move forward a little lighter and more joyfully like a crab or snake or scorpion.
Processing our “shitola” is essential in growing into a healthier, happier version of ourselves. It doesn’t usually happen naturally; we make a conscious choice to go forward with it....
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Focus on the Light

Aug 19, 2021

Throughout my life, I focused on my goals and what needed to be done to move forward towards them. I wore blinders, focused on the target areas and made great progress, usually meeting or exceeding my goals.

Fast forward – life has happened. Lots of it! 

I’m not working as much or as hard. I have time to be more reflective, peel back and heal some more layers of my life….and it’s still not easy, in fact, it’s quite difficult.

The world continues to spin. We go through our collective ups and downs, falling apart and putting back together, and the pendulum swings to the highest and furthest edges.

Confusion and fear permeate the air. It’s no wonder that I am struggling a bit. 

Besides our normal life transitions and happenings, there’s a new, different energy and it cannot be ignored. 

I’m slowly making my way through, and sometimes it’s a bit messy and other times it’s energetic and...

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Unity - It's Personal!

Feb 04, 2021

Unity – It’s Personal!

With all the talk of division and unity, I’ve been thinking about my own life and how division and unity play into it. I believe that when I figure out how to understand and process my own problems, divisions, and quandaries, I more fully understand our social divisions and possible solutions.

What comes up for me is the loss of a friendship sometime ago. No doubt that this experience was a defining moment in my life and profoundly affected me.

My lifetime friend, whom I’ll call “Dorothy”, was kind and supportive…and always, always there for me and I for her. I considered her my family…my sister, actually…. and I know she felt the same.

The details are not important here (more on this in a future blog). The point is, we hurt one another deeply, broke promises to one another and betrayed each other, something we did not do intentionally, nor did we EVER think we would do to each other. I was devastated....

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2021 - Here I Come!

Jan 21, 2021

Although I have anticipated the new year, 2021, for some time, I’m late in offering a Happy New Year and sharing my intentions for the year.

2020 took me down the rabbit hole in more ways than one, and most of them had nothing to do with conspiracy theories or conjecture on politics.

I have implemented all the strategies I know to re-energize myself and lift my spirit, and I’ve shared these before –

- Reading great books

- Practicing gratitude daily

- Praying and meditating

- Listening to inspiring music

- Taking bubble baths

- Playing with the dogs

- Long walks in nature

- Learning something new

- AND so much more…

And they are working!

Little by little, I am reawakening and readying myself to move forward - a bit wiser, and hopeful for a new and better world.

One of my 2021 intentions is to get healthier. For me, that means changing my eating habits, stretching my body, and moving more. I also choose to shed some weight – actually, a good 40 pounds!

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Find Your Tribe!

Sep 21, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days with a few very wise women on our annual retreat in the cool pines of the White Mountains in Arizona.

We choose to focus our time on reconnecting with one another, facing and working through some of our individual challenges, and delighting in our moments together.

Quite honestly, I was not compelled to go at all this year for a number of reasons. I had many personal responsibilities that I would have to address, the restrictions of COVID-19 and when I really took a look at my hesitancy, I was feeling too tired and overwhelmed with life to self-reflect and move forward. I had not personally committed to the weekend until I threw my bag in the car and started driving the 3 ½ hours to beautiful Pinetop, AZ. After just ten minutes on the road, I was overcome with joy and light and I knew I had made the right decision.

I am truly blessed to have an opportunity to meet up with people I trust to discuss...

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I Lost My Dad This Week

Jun 26, 2020

Relationships are interesting…complicated…and sometimes, hard…really hard!

On Father’s Day, my family lost a man who had joined us about 40 years earlier when he married my mom.

From the beginning, he seemed to be nice, personable, and caring of Mom….and she of him. I liked him, but I was skeptical because there had been others before him who were not so nice. It took me awhile to see that he truly loved my mom and before long, he loved my whole family, but especially the children, his grandchildren.

Don’t think I’m going anywhere twisted here, because I’m not! He was a very good, loving, and kind grandpa and uncle to the children in our family. That was one big reason he stood out to me and I learned to love him as one of the leaders in our family. He called me “Sis” and I happily responded.

The early years were sometimes tumultuous. They both had kids and ex’s. My little sister was a handful and he had one...

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The Sweetest Gift

Jun 01, 2020

From the moment she was born, the summer of my 12th year, I was smitten with my baby sister, Kelly.  Adopted, she was our gift from God.  Sharing a bedroom, every night I would gently take her from her crib and place her on my tummy.  She was just precious, tiny and so sweet.  To me, she was a little miracle angel, and I adored her. 

From infanthood on, Kelly’s blue eyes twinkled, and she laughed often, deeply from her belly, causing everyone around her to promptly break out in laughter too.

We were two peas in a pod and believe it or not, this little munchkin accompanied me often, through my teen years, hanging with my friends.  I didn’t mind at all.

Even when I married young and had children of my own, Kelly joined my growing household on weekends, summers, vacations, and special occasions. We were always very close, although I was no longer living in my parent's home.

As a teenager, she struggled with being adopted and feelings...

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Better Than Ever - Stronger & More Confident!

May 22, 2020

Staying grounded and feeling solid and strong is essential to me.

It comes naturally…until it doesn’t anymore.

I’ve learned the hard way, in order to keep my confidence level up, there are specific actions I do every day – my individualized morning routine…. and I’ve talked about them quite often here in my WILDD Hearts blogs.

However….there’s more! There are times I veer off course or go down the deep dark hole…lethargy, depression…you know what I’m talking about. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and it does not really matter why.

What is most important is that I get myself back on my path.

Usually, for me, I need to remind myself who I am, what’s most important to me and why.

I must regularly review my beliefs and values, stay aware of myself and pay attention to how I show up in my world.

What I’ve noticed is that sometimes my beliefs change somewhat, but my values stay more consistent...

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Let it Go!

May 14, 2020

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then.. when you know better, do better." – Maya Angelou

I get better and better, and if I have it my way, I will keep getting better until the day I die. That’s what I want, that’s how I wish to leave this life – a semi-polished stone who made her way through the mud, grit, grindstone, fire, kicks, brokenness, and attempts to be shaped into what was deemed “correct” by some, but who never gave up and kept rolling along somewhat rough and dirty, and magnificent in her own sweet way.

While these experiences certainly added to the complexity of my story… being polished by a society that values perfection above truth, does not accurately demonstrate the earned scars, flaws, wisdom and unique preciousness of ME. I am not a diamond and never will be…that is truly okay with me. I am good being a diamond-in-the-rough or even just an interesting, unique rock in a forest or a backyard or fire pit...

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Part of the Ride!

Mar 23, 2020


Science fiction has come to life!

A rampant virus has taken hold and spread among us. We’re asked to self-quarantine and know that sooner or later, it will more than likely, be a demand, rather than a request.

All of us joke a bit to ease our discomfort and fear. We’re being forced into change and that’s not a comfortable place to be. But it’s part of the ride….and we know it.

The thing is many of us have been feeling it coming for a while. We weren’t sure what it was, but we could “feel” the despair, fear, confusion, and isolation.

Whether we know it or not, like it or not, we are ALL connected at a level we don’t fully understand.

When a large group of human beings are feeling something strongly, we all feel it. 
Some of us are more sensitive to what others are experiencing or more connected to the whole, so we may feel it earlier or more forcefully. When there’s worldwide turmoil, whether we watch the news or...

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