My Way Or the Highway

Jan 25, 2023

Call me a geek! I’m doing my golden years MY way. Routines have always been important to me. Yes, I’m that person! I appreciate a well-oiled machine!

I know the value of routines and habits in my life, yet still, I struggle to keep them in place. It’s so frustrating because there’s not too many tips anyone can give me. I’m somewhat an expert on the value and implementation of routines as a result of a lifetime of reading and practicing routines and implementing strategies from books, mentors and professional workshops/ conferences. I’m baptized by fire!

I know stuff about this subject, but consistently practicing my chosen routines and habits is one of my biggest challenges…and that’s okay. I’ve adapted to my own quirky and imperfect ways.

Lol, taking myself with a grain of salt when it comes to resolutions and routines, helps me to quickly move on when I don’t perform the first … or even the second time. I still...

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