My Way Or the Highway

Jan 25, 2023

Call me a geek! I’m doing my golden years MY way. Routines have always been important to me. Yes, I’m that person! I appreciate a well-oiled machine!

I know the value of routines and habits in my life, yet still, I struggle to keep them in place. It’s so frustrating because there’s not too many tips anyone can give me. I’m somewhat an expert on the value and implementation of routines as a result of a lifetime of reading and practicing routines and implementing strategies from books, mentors and professional workshops/ conferences. I’m baptized by fire!

I know stuff about this subject, but consistently practicing my chosen routines and habits is one of my biggest challenges…and that’s okay. I’ve adapted to my own quirky and imperfect ways.

Lol, taking myself with a grain of salt when it comes to resolutions and routines, helps me to quickly move on when I don’t perform the first … or even the second time. I still get excited about new possibility and have to be careful not to add too many changes at once. That’s where I get into trouble.

I know that to be the person I want to be and live the life I want, I must be open and have a solid foundation in place to make my changes happen. I must actually take “consistent” action to hone this stubborn person I refer to as “me”.

Every single book I’ve read and each workshop I’ve attended has gifted me with at least a handful of amazing informational tidbits that have contributed to who I am and what I’ve accomplished.

Life changed for me as I have aged. My priorities have changed. I found that no one system seemed to totally works for me. I took a little of this and a little of that and I often still tweak it just a bit to align with my schedule, life events, my motivations and so on…

Then of course, when I get it all figured out, I’ve got to get it down on paper…or I’ll forget it and I definitely need to refer to it for at least a couple of weeks.

My system may not work for you and that’s okay, as long as it’s working well for me. That’s the tricky part – knowing if it’s actually working. Evaluation is essential.

Learning to take time to reflect on how persistently I am implementing my new habit and analyzing data to determine that the results I wish to see are genuinely there, is key to my success. Sometimes just adjusting the time or place or how long I do it, can make a huge difference. By regularly reviewing how my new habit is working and considering how to make it work better for me, I’m choosing to persevere… to keep going. I’m consistently moving towards the life I choose for myself.

That’s the reward!

No one knows us like we do! We can each figure out who we wish to be, make our personalized plan, use some of the expert resources at our fingertips, adapt it to work for our unique schedule, life and motivations and then watch ourselves morph into our best versions – no matter how young or old we are. It takes effort…but we KNOW we can do hard things. It’s exciting and feels so good when we make progress in the direction we have chosen to go!

Love is ALL there is!




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