Say "Yes" to Life!

Dec 09, 2021

We piled into the Forerunner, the three of us, friends who happen to love to write, embarking on a short adventure to the mountains of Taos, New Mexico. We had a loose plan to find a great place for brunch, make our way to a local art gallery owned by a favorite artist and drive the Enchanted Circle around New Mexico’s largest mountain, Wheeler Peak.

One writer friend requested us each to bring a folding chair so we could stop on the side of the road to write, which I have never done but was excited to try. I said "Yes!".
As we started the scenic drive through various small towns, we enjoyed the windy river, small rickety creeks along the highway and the advancing majestic mountains. Climbing in elevation, the vegetation changed to thicker tall pines, the temperature dropped, and the clouds gathered.

Arriving in Taos, we devoured a delightful brunch, browsed a few unique shops and spent some time ever so carefully, saying "yes" to a purchase or two in one of our...

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The Sweetest Gift

Jun 01, 2020

From the moment she was born, the summer of my 12th year, I was smitten with my baby sister, Kelly.  Adopted, she was our gift from God.  Sharing a bedroom, every night I would gently take her from her crib and place her on my tummy.  She was just precious, tiny and so sweet.  To me, she was a little miracle angel, and I adored her. 

From infanthood on, Kelly’s blue eyes twinkled, and she laughed often, deeply from her belly, causing everyone around her to promptly break out in laughter too.

We were two peas in a pod and believe it or not, this little munchkin accompanied me often, through my teen years, hanging with my friends.  I didn’t mind at all.

Even when I married young and had children of my own, Kelly joined my growing household on weekends, summers, vacations, and special occasions. We were always very close, although I was no longer living in my parent's home.

As a teenager, she struggled with being adopted and feelings...

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