Say "Yes" to Life!

Dec 09, 2021

We piled into the Forerunner, the three of us, friends who happen to love to write, embarking on a short adventure to the mountains of Taos, New Mexico. We had a loose plan to find a great place for brunch, make our way to a local art gallery owned by a favorite artist and drive the Enchanted Circle around New Mexico’s largest mountain, Wheeler Peak.

One writer friend requested us each to bring a folding chair so we could stop on the side of the road to write, which I have never done but was excited to try. I said "Yes!".
As we started the scenic drive through various small towns, we enjoyed the windy river, small rickety creeks along the highway and the advancing majestic mountains. Climbing in elevation, the vegetation changed to thicker tall pines, the temperature dropped, and the clouds gathered.

Arriving in Taos, we devoured a delightful brunch, browsed a few unique shops and spent some time ever so carefully, saying "yes" to a purchase or two in one of our favorites - Earth and Spirit Gallery. Then, off we went continuing the day’s adventure.

We drove the rugged canyons and through the quaint ski-resort town of Red River, noting that we would plan another trip there – absolutely gorgeous.
Great conversations, exclamations and laughter filled our trip, as we also scanned the countryside for the inspiration to pull over and prepared to pull out crackers and cheese and set up on our makeshift tailgate snack table, open up the chairs, and jump into something we all loved to do.

Near Bob Cat pass, we found it and all said, "YES!"  Looking over a vast valley of greens and yellows nestled between the mind-blowing mountains, and in complete awe of the beauty we were witnessing, we pulled out our journals, breathed in the spectacular beauty of our surroundings and let it flow.

I don’t know how to explain the thrill I felt sitting there sharing this experience with close friends, breathing in the fresh, cool mountain air, and opening my delighted mind to write whatever came forth. The only sounds were the whisper of a soft breeze and our pencils moving madly. I let go and immersed myself in the beauty of the experience….the power of the present.

While we were there, maybe an hour, clamoring back into the vehicle just as it started gently sprinkling, I was aware that we made a beautiful memory that I will cherish forever.

I am feeling grateful for the opportunity, my talented friends, my own ability to open up to new and different experiences and to the beauty that is within and all around us, when we choose to not only live, but thrive. Hope you choose to say, "Yes", to your life!

Love is ALL there is!


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