WILDD Hearts Founders

Diana Soroka

As the instigator and founder of WILDD Hearts, I’m inspired by my own wonderfully challenging life and family - full of love, greatness, sorrows, mistakes, failures and successes.  I’m a grateful, purposeful, driven woman on a mission to support others who are just like me…. working to be their best selves.  It’s not always pretty, but it’s absolutely beautiful.  I feel so strongly that what the world needs now is love, sweet love.  They say you cannot truly love others until you love yourself and that’s correct.  It’s also very easy to say “I love myself” when, in truth, I don’t have a clue.  It’s a rocky road facing our truths, fears and even our joy, but we must do it, to liberate ourselves, fully experience joy and contribute peace and love to our families and our world! 

I believe that by sharing our stories, we connect with one another, learn about ourselves, learn to not only accept who we are, but to fall in love with ourselves, because of who we truly are at the core of our being…but first, we’ve got to get there.  I have spent my life teaching children and then leading teachers and always learning how to be ME.  Now, I’m drawn to share my past stories and the new lessons that come up as I continue to work on myself.

So, with loving intentions and a grateful heart, I am here to share my real, the way-it-was/is stories. It’s important to note that sometimes I am the hero in my stories, sometimes I have a supporting role, and other times I am the villain in life – the self-saboteur, the poor decision maker, the if-I-pretend-it’s-not-there, it’s-not-there person, but always, always I am the self-reflector, the analyzer, and the eager learner of life’s lessons. 

It is my pleasure to share with you and to get to know you…and learn from your stories.


Sylviana Stebbins

Every day I practice gratitude.  Face to face, over the phone, by text or in a card.  I cannot overstate the importance of this element in my life.

As a recent GRATEFUL AMPUTEE, I have learned that life is all about choice.  Choosing to have my right foot amputated elevated my life to a completely different level.  My faith and my spirit if gratitude were the two elements I embraced, learned from and now teach.   Conveying the importance of gratitude and how this emotion can replace anger, fear, unkindness and doubt in our lives, is life changing.  It is empowering to know, that this one mind shift has the power to change so much. 

I am ½ Italian, so speaking has come very easily to me throughout my life.  Learning and allowing my authenticity to direct my storytelling by revealing my personal life examples, has freed me to a level of public speaking which I never knew.  Instead of trying to “be me”, I am living OUTLOUD “who I am”. Relatable storytelling allows my audiences to feel as though they are valuable and capable. The authentic connection which occurs through vulnerable revelation, sets the stage for risk taking.  It is here where strongholds are torn down and where steps towards gratitude are taken.   The importance of knowing that each of us has something to offer is empowering. 

Through the practice of gratitude, I have learned, that I am a huge impact on the people I associate with. My intention is to influence others toward the same mindset, through my sense of humor, my heartfelt compassion and a “good old pep talk”.  I hope to encourage others to walk away from a life of mediocrity and into greatness.

Be blessed!


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