Who Supports You Being Your Best YOU?

Nov 26, 2019

What does "being my best self" mean?

We hear it all the time – “I’m just striving to be my best self”. But what does “being your best self” mean?

WILDD Hearts, this is what we do and it’s why we’ve chosen to be WILDD Hearts!

The thing is – it’s a unique destination. While we’re all going to the same place, it’s often in different directions, using different modes of transportation, different speeds and using different navigation systems. And none is better than the other. They are ALL flexible, effective and perfect!

As a result of this, I cannot even give you an accurate description, I can only explain what it means for me.

After years of working towards my best self, I see it as doing what I need to do, to be my absolute purest and highest form of ME. In my natural, most authentic form I am a one-of-a-kind, perfect version of me – as I was created. After many, many human experiences I have earned some scars, built some walls, carry some baggage and developed some interesting quirks.

I believe that “being your best self” means facing the pain in life, working my way through it. When I fully understood that there is a valuable lesson in every experience – whatever it is, it became easier to release the perception that an experience was “good or bad or positive or negative”. It is what it is, and my challenge is to move through the experience and learn the essential lesson without holding on to the pain, disappointment, fear, guilt and so on…. Extra credit for the compassion, empathy and love developed along the path.

Choosing love is scary – I’m taking a risk and leaving myself vulnerable to get disappointed, hurt and rejected. However, with each healing experience I build my arsenal of love and faith. I get stronger and stronger. I realize that I am never alone. My mind and my heart are open to new experiences, challenges and love!

I am WILDDly Inspired by Life’s Divine Dance!

Having the capacity to give love and receive love is the treasured reward for being my best self.

So, there you have it, this is my perspective of “striving to be my best self”.

Remember, we’re all different, unique human beings. Each of us has an innate understanding of who and what that is. However, you know when it’s right for you. You know when you’re on your particular path. It always feels right, even when it stretches you and makes you feel uncomfortable.

If you’re here reading this, you are probably there seeking out your best self. It’s joyful and exciting to be with others making their way.

Welcome, and we look forward to knowing you better…sharing with you…learning together.

Until Our Paths Meet Again,

- Sylviana 


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