Whistle While You Work 🎵

Nov 11, 2019

Hi WILDD Hearts! Sylviana here.

I just want to tell you a little story about something that happened to me this week that reminds me of what we do out there in the world every single day, and that we're all equipped to do it.

*Full Transcription Follows*

So I'm at the grocery store and I'm shopping and I really, I'm not a good shopper. I don't like to do it. And I think it's because, you know, if you had millions and millions of dollars, possibly shopping would be a great experience. But it's the whole act of possibly doing algebra, trying to figure out how much you have to spend on this and this and that. So anyway, I digress.

I'm out in the store and I hear whistling. Now let me tell you, I love a good Whistler. I mean a GOOD Whistler, not 'just' whistling cause my husband whistles and God bless him. It's not good, it's painful! It really, it hurts my ears when he whistles!

But my grandfather, he was the best Whistler! And he whistled all the time - coming in the house when he was working, when he was just kind of sitting and reading the paper, he whistled and he was phenomenal. And I can remember as a little kid sitting at his feet, you know, crosslegged - just listening to him whistle thinking that that was such a great gift. And I'm glad I got to hear that.

Although I'm not sure if the really good whistlers that are left in the world are so grateful that that's one of my favorite things to listen to - because I'm at the store and it's nighttime and I'm hearing whistling and I'm looking around thinking where's that coming from? Cause it was really good. So I went two aisles over to the cereal aisle and there is this elderly man shopping by himself, just whistling. So I kind of come up behind him and, and I said, 'Oh there you are!'

And he turned around. I said, 'I heard you whistling and I had to track you down. Just want you to say that just brought so much happiness and joy to me. I've got a smile on my face. So man, thanks for sharing that gift.' And he turned to me and he said, 'Well thank you for thanking me because that's made my day!'.

Now the point of my story is I did not wake up thinking I'm going to find a whistler today and that person is going to make my whole day. It was just an experience that I had that made me smile, made my heart jump in the most amazing way. And I was able just by telling somebody how he affected me to affect him!

So my big lesson is go out there and do the thing that you do! And bless somebody with it, you know! That brought a smile to my face.

So your thing might be smiling. Your thing might be telling a joke. My mother's thing, wherever we are, my mother picks up garbage. Yeah. Trash. If we're walking from the car into a building and there's trash, she picks it up. Now, she might grumble a little bit, but she picks up the trash. My daughter, if she sees a shopping cart somewhere that it shouldn't be, she pushes it to where the little carts are supposed to live.

Now, those don't sound like big things, but they are for somebody. It might not be the person who's doing it. It might be a person later on that receives it. Cause you know there's always those people in the world that have to come and get the carts and pick up the garbage in the parking lot. So whether they know it or not, they're sending up a little 'Thank you.' 'Hallelujah!' To my mom and daughter.

Guys, be blessed out there. Use your gifts, be who you are and just come at it with a heart of happiness and gratitude.

Remember, Wildd Hearts love is all there is!

Have a great day!

- Sylviana

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