Time to Take a Risk!

Mar 07, 2020


How many of us make the decision every day to skip magnificent opportunities to laugh, play, connect deeply with another human being or nature, help heal another’s heart, restore someone’s faith in humanity or simply make a new friend?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and I have a feeling there are a lot more of us than we think. We become so accustom to staying in the “safe” places we have made for ourselves.

Some of us have our valid reasons for staying somewhat secluded – safe with only the few trusted friends or family who have “proven” themselves by being what we have deemed to be “good” people.

We have been betrayed, judged, and hurt or we have lost…loved ones, friendships, trust and hope. We have locked our hearts up, buried the key, with no plan for digging it up anytime soon…at least to outsiders. Resilient, we go to extreme measures to survive by protecting ourselves against what hurts the most. Often we get here without conscious thought, unaware of how reclusive we’ve become.

Matter of fact, we may feel very comfortable, satisfied and placid with the lives we live. Perhaps, we even describe our lives as happy.

I’ve been there…and done that. But…I’ve always been the one who challenged myself to be curious about my thoughts and actions, and if necessary, do what needs to be done to move beyond them.

At times, it took me a while to figure out that something needed to change, because I had done such a good job convincing myself that I required this protection and I was perfectly happy the way things were. The idea of addressing my own pain and fear was overbearing and unthinkable…until the heartache of loneliness and the fear of dying alone became bigger than facing my fear of fully living and opening my heart back up.

At first, I was ashamed of this, but I’m not anymore because I have learned that I am a bad ass when it comes to courage and living a pretty full life!

I’m not perfect and that is finally okay with me! I acknowledge that I have had my share of disappointments, betrayal, loss and pain, and yet, I still move forward with a smile and a positive attitude. When things start going south, I catch it, sooner than later, and I really do turn the frown upside down. Okay, it’s not that simple, but I have a process to get myself back on track.

Walking down the “victim” highway does not work for me anymore, not even for a little while. I have learned what it takes to keep me, not only happy, but joy-FULL, and I fiercely protect it.

Pushing and sometimes shoving myself out the door to spend precious time in nature and sometimes in new situations, is required. Sharing my experiences, my thoughts and my vulnerabilities strengthens my resolve and my confidence because I’m speaking my truth to others, and I’ve learned that it’s alright if they don’t agree or even, like me because...

I’m okay….pretty good, actually…

Love, love, love...is ALL there is! 

- Diana & Sylviana



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