Part of the Ride!

Mar 23, 2020


Science fiction has come to life!

A rampant virus has taken hold and spread among us. We’re asked to self-quarantine and know that sooner or later, it will more than likely, be a demand, rather than a request.

All of us joke a bit to ease our discomfort and fear. We’re being forced into change and that’s not a comfortable place to be. But it’s part of the ride….and we know it.

The thing is many of us have been feeling it coming for a while. We weren’t sure what it was, but we could “feel” the despair, fear, confusion, and isolation.

Whether we know it or not, like it or not, we are ALL connected at a level we don’t fully understand.

When a large group of human beings are feeling something strongly, we all feel it. 
Some of us are more sensitive to what others are experiencing or more connected to the whole, so we may feel it earlier or more forcefully. When there’s worldwide turmoil, whether we watch the news or not, whether we are aware of what’s happening in other places or not, we “feel” it.

It’s part of being a human being, spiritual being and part of the energy we are all composed of. So, if you have been feeling exhausted, depressed, lethargic, hopeless, this may be part of the reason.

Sometimes I believe that the Universe, which could also be defined as the Great White Spirit, God or whomever you believe is our Source, creates learning experiences or possibly “warnings”, if you will consider the possibility.

I’m not claiming to know what that might be, but I am going to take the time to slow down, reconnect, reach out to my fellow human beings in love and pray…hard. Pray for guidance…faith…love over fear…and healing for myself and my loves…and this beautiful, confusing world we live in.

I’m also going to be open... open to any lesson I may need to learn, or “we” may need to learn as human beings and occupants of earth.

I know that sometimes great wisdom comes from listening to that voice within. Like I mentioned before, I have no idea, why this is happening to all of us right now, but I do know there is always a lesson…or two…or three.

I refuse to add to the hype, the fear, the anger. I’m choosing LOVE. I’m choosing faith. Faith that I’m right where I am meant to be. Faith that all will turn out as it should. Faith that I and mine will be okay. Faith that we will learn the lessons we are meant to learn right here, right now. I’m here sitting in it. This moment in time. This place. This situation. I’m here for a reason.

I’m using this time of self-isolation to meditate, pray, write letters, contemplate, reset my habits, reconnect with my partner, read, organize, reflect on how I wish to spend my time and just love on myself a bit and take care of me. It’s a cleanse of sorts.

I’m also making sure to rest, laugh, listen to loud music sometimes and quiet, peaceful music other times, dance, watch funny movies, play games and plant my garden. I’ll renew my energy and spirit!

By reconnecting to myself, I’m strengthening my connection to everyone and everything.

When I re-emerge from this opportunity to reconnect, I’ll be energized, strong and focused.

Fresh. Wiser. Starting over….again. 
Stay Safe.  Stay Strong.  Stay Spirited.

- Diana

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