Lessons In Yard Work

Nov 11, 2019

Working in the backyard tending my small salsa garden and other yard maintenance was a joy on that hot Arizona May day.  The sun was relentless, sweat was dripping and I was feeling strong and motivated to get things done.  After hours of physical effort, I was walking alongside the pool taking my last load of plant cuttings and other yard debris to the trash can, when I forgot to cut left for the curvature of the pool and walked straight instead.  My right foot found no solid ground and my left knee landed hard on the inflexible concrete and in screaming pain, I kind of just tumbled into the pool.

Why is it that when things like this happen, time slows down, thoughts speed up, and in a matter of seconds, it feels like I just experienced eternity.  I slowly sank downward, my mind irrationally rambled and then chuckled to itself, “I’ve always wondered how people drown at home alone in their pool!”  I was calm, cool and collected.  This was a rather unique way to die…at home doing what I loved to do, outside in the warm sunshine…kind of dramatically….yet peacefully.  I silently said goodbye to the people I loved, I speculated about who I would see next… my grandmother…my sister…GOD!  Would I be locked out of the pearly gates or would I get an express ticket to the front of the line? Then, without thinking at all, I stood up, walked to the pool steps, examined my wound (there was blood, lots of it) and did what needed to be done to move forward with my day.

I couldn’t help but reflect on my enlightened experience.  Things happen.  Our minds may make it much bigger than it really is…affecting our heart rates, feelings, etc.  Calm down. Take a breath.  Move forward. Learn.  Laugh at yourself!  Share your experiences! Life is a great adventure and even the little things can have great meaning!  - Diana

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