Grit, Grace and Gratitude

Nov 08, 2019

I am sure in your lifetime people have asked you to find one word to describe yourself.  I find that this is truly a difficult task. Really? One word? Nearly impossible I think.  I could come up with the obvious; funny, lighthearted, kind, bold, caring.  Each of these words are descriptive, but not all inclusive.  So, the struggle persists. 

In my life at this moment I feel the word which resonates with me is grit.  Now when you think of grit you are not instantly envisioning beauty, refinement, softness or caring.  Grit recalls toughness, unpolished, a roughness around the edges and the sense of things being rubbed against another - hard.  Grit, grit grit…. yes, that is a fit

Grit has a variety of words to clarify it. Some of my favorites are courage, resolve, spirit, nerve, tenacity and pluck.  Yes, there seem to be no warm and fluffies here!

In January of 2016, I chose to become an amputee. This was after several years of trying to save a foot which had rejected plates after a surgery. To be honest the amputation was the easiest part of that 3-year process.  During that time, I was not able to live the life I wanted. The simple act of showering required me to have the ability of a professional paperhanger, wrapping myself in endless rolls of Saran Wrap so as not to get any of my “important parts” wet.  I obviously couldn’t walk on my special foot. (Which was named the “shrimp” foot by my daughter.  This was comical due to its ridiculous hugeness!)

Now please understand I am no hero or warrior nor athlete.   I don’t hike ridiculous trails, run, nor am I a professional dancer.  I am a mother, wife, sister, [best] aunt {ever} business owner, the woman who sings at church and friend.  I am the person who you pass every day on the street. I gained something when I made the choice to get rid of that foot.  A choice which seemed to so many to be drastic, gave me back my life! 

Each of us has/had/will have a situation that we must just push through.  This doesn’t make it easy, it just makes it possible to arrive on the other side. We DO LEARN with every experience. It is up to us where we put the focus….

 I am that die-hard there-is-always-a-silver-lining -Pollyanna, who thinks good comes out of everything, person.  We just must look for it until we find it.

My husband reminded me of my mantra - grit, grace, and gratitude!


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