Find Your Tribe!

Sep 21, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days with a few very wise women on our annual retreat in the cool pines of the White Mountains in Arizona.

We choose to focus our time on reconnecting with one another, facing and working through some of our individual challenges, and delighting in our moments together.

Quite honestly, I was not compelled to go at all this year for a number of reasons. I had many personal responsibilities that I would have to address, the restrictions of COVID-19 and when I really took a look at my hesitancy, I was feeling too tired and overwhelmed with life to self-reflect and move forward. I had not personally committed to the weekend until I threw my bag in the car and started driving the 3 ½ hours to beautiful Pinetop, AZ. After just ten minutes on the road, I was overcome with joy and light and I knew I had made the right decision.

I am truly blessed to have an opportunity to meet up with people I trust to discuss personal trials, tribulations, and successes. People who question my motives and intentions. Trusted people who give me critical feedback when needed. People who love me, no matter what comes up. People who honor, respect, and care enough to support me being my best me.

Since our weekend, I have thought a lot about what I learned. I want to share some of my take-aways here –

• We must find ways to release our pent up anger (I’ll write about this topic in more detail later, but it was big for me this particular weekend)

• Be AWARE of what you’re thinking and the words out of your mouth (we attract what we focus on and even though WE KNOW this….sometimes we forget)

• Find your tribe! Some of us think a little deeper, feel a little more and need discussion about topics that make others uncomfortable. Give yourself the gift of a kindred soul.

• Seek out joy! No matter how small (an imperfect flower petal, a perfect cup of tea, loving cuddle with a child or pet, or the warm sun warming your face), acknowledge your joy and allow yourself to actually FEEL the gratitude!

My friends, life often reminds us of what we already know but are forgetting or sometimes choosing to ignore. Living is a precious gift. You are precious. Jeez, so am I.

While our days can be overwhelming and taken up by many tasks and complications, we always have the choice to seek out and focus on the amazing joys around us. I’ve set my watch, my Alexa and have hand-written and posted a couple of signs around my house – REMEMBER YOUR JOY! I realized that right now I need to remind myself to stop and acknowledge all the joy in my life.

One of my greatest joys are you, my WILDD Heart friends, thank you for being part of my amazing tribe!

LOVE is ALL there is!

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