Feeling a Little Uneasy?

Jan 12, 2020


It’s the year 2020, and I’m happy to be here!

We’ve been conditioned to ring in the new year with festivity, inspiration and hope for the future. I’ve experienced 61 of them and I can admit that my perception of the new year has changed a bit over the years.

Being an incurable optimist, I’ve always looked at the new year as a signal for new beginnings and the opportunity to change or improve. However, I’ve toned myself down, after experiencing many failed attempts to achieve a set goal and some great successes. I’ve learned that change is a continuous process, thankfully, happening throughout the year, rather than just at the beginning, and baby steps and small goals go a long way.

I’ve also experienced a big letdown, depression, and uneasiness the first few months of the year.

For me, the source is usually loss. Over the years, many of us, have experienced the loss of loved ones through death, divorce, incompatibility and other changes in jobs, homes, friends, memberships and the like. We become nostalgic and can really get ourselves worked up.

I don’t allow myself to stay in that perspective anymore. I CHOOSE to see the positives…the love…the gratitude for knowing them, loving them, living there, working there, etc.

However, I do experience uneasiness and sadness, irritation and anxiety and other seemingly negative feelings occasionally. Most of the time, these emotions are fleeting, hanging around for a day or two. When they stick around longer, I have to take a deeper look. Am I having some kind of health crisis?

As a female, I do need to consider imbalances in my physical being and have in the last couple of years dealt with thyroid issues which impacts hormone production and impacts heart, digestion, brain function and moods, among other things. Males have many of the same considerations. So, health is a “real” concern for some of us. But, if it’s not health, maybe it’s an emotional issue I need to work through.

Life can sneak up on us sometimes. We get so busy with work, family, obligations and responsibility that we sometimes forget to reflect on our own happiness, mental health, and fulfillment, until our discontentment rears its ugly head.

Sylviana and I have created 10 Questions to Design Your Life Around. It’s a PDF, free for your download. You may find that all the questions are pertinent, and you want to go deep with all of them. You may find that you're good with most of them, but one or two of the questions are bringing up some emotion that you need to look at more deeply.

Perhaps, you know exactly what needs to change and happen or maybe, these questions and your own thoughts and answers will disclose it to you. Often, just contemplating the questions will assist you in strengthening your own resolve or throwing unneeded baggage away.

I review these questions often because it helps me stay on track, be true to myself and catch inconsistencies or things I need to adjust early, before I go over the deep end. These questions have been created and used by us for years. It’s our gift to you and we truly believe they will benefit all of us.

The download button is right here on this page. Find it, download it, and get started on your journey to redesign your life and feel peaceful again.

We wish you well and remember, love is all there is!

- Diana

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