Channel Your Inner Pollyanna!

Feb 24, 2020

In this little video Sylviana conveys her wisdom, and sometimes her frustration about how we all show up in our lives. 

Choosing to see the world through a positive lens is not always easy, and it doesn’t mean we do not understand the reality of what we see or experience. It means that we make an intentional decision to filter how we respond to situations…and then take a moment to respond in a more solution-oriented way.

Perhaps, the situation is difficult and it’s hard to see past that. We can still choose to think “this is a tough situation and I’m not sure what to do right now but I know if I can step back and think about it or discuss with others, I will find a way to deal with this in the best way possible”.

When we choose to handle life proactively and with a solution-oriented mindset, we do not add to the problem by stressing out or stressing others out.

We are calm, cool and collected because we know that life happens, and we WILL find a way through this particular challenge.

Anyone can change the lens, in which they see life. Some of us have a predisposition to be more optimistic than others, but anyone may change this, if they chose to.

Baby steps are a good way to start. Perhaps, making the decision not to react to situations – keep thy mouth shut and our face pleasant, when we hear something that doesn’t suit our brain, might be the place to start. Then think for a moment.

"How can I contribute to the solution or how can I contribute to the positive energy in this room right now?"

Sometimes, this simply means being quiet, listening, smiling (if appropriate), asking how you can help, or asking for more information so you can fully understand what’s happening.

Think about the words coming out of your mouth – are they helping or hurting? Do they benefit anyone?

It’s okay not to say anything or to say, “I’ve got to take a little time to think this over”.

I absolutely respect a person when they have to discipline and character to think things over before they react. Becoming aware of ourselves and how we show up is just the beginning of becoming self-aware.

If you find yourself in confrontations, feeling frustrated with others, or feeling like a victim, it is time to re-evaluate who you are, what’s important to you, and how you show up in the world.

If becoming the best possible YOU, you can be, is appealing to you, check us out and stay tuned. We’re creating a positive, safe space for people who are on the same trek. Learning from one another, being held accountable for the intentions and goals we set for ourselves and making huge strides to overcome our own barriers and missteps.

It’s amazing what a little learning, reflecting & analyzing and conversation can do to help each of us get where we want to go.

Welcome to WILDD Hearts!

Sending Positive Vibes,

Sylviana & Diana

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