Better Than Ever - Stronger & More Confident!

May 22, 2020

Staying grounded and feeling solid and strong is essential to me.

It comes naturally…until it doesn’t anymore.

I’ve learned the hard way, in order to keep my confidence level up, there are specific actions I do every day – my individualized morning routine…. and I’ve talked about them quite often here in my WILDD Hearts blogs.

However….there’s more! There are times I veer off course or go down the deep dark hole…lethargy, depression…you know what I’m talking about. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and it does not really matter why.

What is most important is that I get myself back on my path.

Usually, for me, I need to remind myself who I am, what’s most important to me and why.

I must regularly review my beliefs and values, stay aware of myself and pay attention to how I show up in my world.

What I’ve noticed is that sometimes my beliefs change somewhat, but my values stay more consistent – although their priority may change.

It’s a continuous process and going through it, reinforces my beliefs or reestablishes them, making me stronger and more confident in who I am.

It also brings about more joy and happiness because my beliefs and values are in alignment with how I live my life.

I don’t just figure myself out and that’s it, I’m good for the rest of my life! ...No, it doesn’t work that way.

We change, unfold and become, which requires that we adapt our foundation accordingly.

This consistent process is critical to moving forward freely and joyfully.

Fortunately, I’m a woman in transformation….and always will be, I hope, until the day I die.

This is the gift I give myself.

To be curious.

To learn.

To take action.

To be me.

I’d like to say that I’ve stayed solid throughout this COVID-19 experience, but that is not the full truth.

While I’ve been outwardly functional and calm most of the time, I have my occasions when I’m feeling the pain, suffering and struggles of my fellow human beings.

It’s hard to know that while I am safe in my home, there are many others out there who are not.

I can feel their worry and pain.

At times, I have fallen off my faith wagon. Got anxious. Didn’t sleep. Paced the floors. Ate too many fudgesicles. Cried. Veered from my faithful mind.

Thankfully, I did remember…the truth. I am loved beyond measure. Everything will work out perfectly – as it is meant to.

And so…I do what I can.

Donate what I can.

Reach out to others.

Help those I am compelled to help.

Send out loving, happy vibes. Pray and meditate.

Then I take care of myself.

Even when I don’t feel like it (and believe me, there are times I don’t), I do these things that keep me grounded (or as many of them as I can, even if it’s just one), remind me of my joy and connect me with the One….

  • Stretch my body
  • Get my steps in
  • Read something inspirational (if only 5 minutes)
  • Listen to at least one favorite song
  • Write (if only 5 minutes)
  • Pick up after myself and my family
  • Play in my garden
  • Pray and meditate some more
  • Affirm and visualize

On an everyday basis, this routine keeps me moving forward in peace and joy. I can breathe in and revel in what I have done for myself…even if it’s just one of these practices.

However, as I have learned firsthand, if I want to keep moving forward, I must also stop. Look. Listen. Occasionally I must review my beliefs, values, joys and peace.

This doesn’t happen in one afternoon or morning. It takes however long it takes.

To start, I try to give myself a weekend. I don’t have to be alone either. Sometimes a small group of close friends will go to a cabin and process some shitola together.

I enjoy the solitude of being completely alone and figuring it out myself, and I also love the input and feedback I receive from going with some of my closest friends – who are also on a similar path.

Each process has it’s benefits.

Always, we learn, remember and make commitments for a more joyful future, and come out better than ever.

I can’t wait to share my process with you….next time.

- Diana





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