All I Want For Christmas Is You! 🎁

Dec 10, 2019

Good morning, WILDD Hearts!

“All I want for Christmas is you” has new meaning for me these days.

Growing up and indoctrinated by a family who made Christmas BIG, also made the holidays lots of FUN when I was a child. Unfortunately, this brought on an onslaught of anxiety and stress, along with the fun, as an adult. I had this story in my head that Christmas must include an abundance of homemade yummy treats, unending presents for ALL, family and MORE family, libations galore, Christmas music and perhaps, a Christmas Eve service at church. 

At some point, the holidays became more stressful than fun.

I did my best to meet the expectations of the Christmas story in my mind and it never occurred to me that I had the power to change it. But…then, as I matured, I realized that I didn’t have to do things just like everyone else. I slowly, began to implement small changes to make Christmas more meaningful for me and my family. 

For instance, on a couple of holiday seasons, instead of buying for everyone, we choose names early in the year, and bought only recycled, second-hand, or homemade gifts under a certain dollar amount. This took the stress off the Christmas giving because we knew exactly how much we could spend. It gave us most of the year to find that special unique gift and we were all so excited to give our gifts to the chosen one. Truly, the gift giving had more meaning and was more individualized.

Then, after a series of losses and heartbreak, I finally broke away from many of the expectations I had placed on myself, including how I perceived and celebrated holidays. My heart and spirit were broken for a while, and it took a bit of time to gather them and put it all back together again. For a minute, I was depressed because I didn’t feel the same about many things, especially the holidays, but before long I accepted and celebrated my new perception.

What I realized is that I do love to give meaningful gifts I think the receiver will love, and I also have learned to cherish receiving these gifts, as well. However, I no longer feel pressured to give a gift because it’s a holiday or even, a birthday. I give a gift because I “feel” it from my heart, or I have found that special gift for that person. This doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes give a great bottle of wine or a scrumptious smelling candle to someone I know will appreciate it, but it does mean I don’t give a gift to someone just because it’s socially expected.

Sometimes I learn the most through the hardest of lessons and this is one of those precious lessons. Nothing makes me happier than to spend precious time with those I care about, those I’m getting to know better, and those who share their gifts openly. 

Connecting with good people at a deep level, sharing our stories, laughing our behinds off, playing, and just fully “being” together is best gift ever!

So…when I say “All I want for Christmas is you” - it’s true, and you and you and YOU!

Wishing You Peace and Joy,

Diana & Sylviana



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