A Change In Perspective

Nov 08, 2019

Life changes fast!  One minute I think that all is going well – my adult children are happy doing the amazing things they do; my friends and family seem to be moving in the direction they planned and everything is smooth.  In a short moment, everything can change!

A few months ago, I was jolted with the news that three people close to me, were diagnosed with cancer.  Although, as I age and become even more aware, I’m always surprised that when I’m faced with “loss”, I have a more “thankful” perspective on living and dying, and the people I love.  Every moment that I continue to live…that I’m deeply connected with another human being…that I’m fully present…is a precious moment.  My attitude towards the impending holidays was different and took on new insight.  How I received long-term, out-of-state family as guests in my home, here to support our loved one, was warm and welcoming…and then grateful and forgiving.  My patience with everyone, including perfect strangers who cut me off in traffic was improved…because nothing is THAT important to disrupt my peace or throw anger at another.  I became acutely aware of the gift of life…of friendship…of family…of laughter…tears…experiences…meaningful discussion….LOVE!

Currently, we have lost one beloved family member, another has been through hell, but is grateful to be declared “cancer-free”, and unfortunately another’s prognosis is not as positive.  Life has settled down a bit.  Company has left.  I’m still processing my grief and my gratitude and trying to be a supportive friend.  I’m working hard to hold onto the attitude of gratitude.  I don’t want to go back to the way things used to be.  I’ve changed my morning prayers, my gratitude journal is more specific and precise.  I affirm my desire to be a more grateful person.  I want to look at each situation with wonder and love.  I want to use my time to connect with others and not get caught up in the busyness of each day. I want to fully appreciate every little thing that happens.  This lesson I’ve learned…again, is worth remembering and doing whatever it takes, to remind myself every single day.  Our lives matter.  Be present and intentional.  Life is a precious gift!    - Diana

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