You Make A Difference, I Make A Difference and Jaydon Made a Difference!

May 04, 2022

Imagine us, my partner and I, standing in our large backyard figuring out our plan for the annual summer garden and landscape projects.

We discuss Jaydon, a 14 year old boy who lives in our neighborhood and helped us out previously. We are both impressed with his kindness, respect and work ethic. 

Jaydon and I immediately connected. He sat with me on our patio during breaks, snacking on water and fruit and energy bars, telling me about his family, how he was the oldest and had three younger brothers. His dad is a realtor. His mom - they are close - is a very loving, busy mom and he tries to help her with his young brothers. They are quite involved in their church, and he loves their close-knit cul-de-sac street of families. He enjoys riding his bike and sports.  Jaydon lovingly plays with our dogs, throwing the ball… and responding to their incessant, attention-seeking tactics…which of course, endears them to Jaydon, as well.

Once, his dad came over while he was here to help him strategize to pick up the hundreds of small, China berries fallen to the ground and dispose of them most efficiently….and then his dad went home, got some better-suited yard tools, returned, and teamed up with Jaydon to get the job done. That’s a supportive dad!

I marveled, especially watching Jaydon work hard in the yard…alone. It was always a big job. He worked until he said he would and responsibly scheduled the week out. He also arrived when he said he would, riding his bike or being dropped off by one of his parents. Occasionally, I picked him up or dropped him off and he was always grateful.

So…it was only natural that we would think of Jaydon…as we stood in our backyard making a new plan. We were hoping he would be available to help us again. 

I was shocked and absolutely heartbroken the next day, when I heard Jaydon had been hit by a car and passed away the day before. 

He was kind. Friendly. LOVED his family and friends. Worked hard. Loved dogs. Did what he said. Respected his friends….and showed respect to me. 

His parents loved him BIG and made their family their priority…it was apparent. My heart is broken for them but like them, I have faith that Jaydon is where the angels go.

Jaydon made an impact on me.  Truly, I didn’t know him well, I was a passing flicker in his life and he in mine, but my heart was lifted by his sweet spirit and kind ways. I have a feeling that I am not the only one.

Thank you, Jaydon, for everything and for reminding me to continue to intentionally strive to always think, speak and act from a place of love – making a positive difference in the lives of others, just like you did. I am blessed to have known you….
Love is ALL there is!




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