Warning – Gratitude Bomb Dropped!

May 11, 2022

As the door flung open, her energy filled the room like the Arizona sunshine radiating over the morning horizon. Bright smiling eyes, dark mature skin and her deep, welcoming voice called my anxious friend, Virginia, into the doctor’s office.

Something about her immediately calmed me, and I hoped that my sweet friend felt it too.

The day had been stressful with doctor’s offices, not-so-good news, frustrating obstacles, and fear.

I wanted to wrap my arms around Virginia, hold her close and let our hearts do the talking, but sometimes in these distressed moments, our ability to authentically connect with those we love the most, is blocked on one side or another, or both.

Nurse Robbie showed up for us.

After a while, Virginia returned to the waiting room different than she left - this time with a smile on her face and a little bounce to her step.

We sat in the parked car for at least five full minutes, Virginia enthusiastically recounting the amazing interaction between she and her nurse. By the way, none of the previous medical results were different, they were utterly the same.

But this nurse…this woman…this pure soul stayed present, looked another in the eye, and chose to shine her light of comfort, care and joy.

I’m sure she has her own life to deal with, family drama, schedules, commutes to and from work, and all the things that go on behind closed doors and minds and hearts.

But this day….Nurse Robbie dropped her SUNSHINE BOMB on us. We were positively impacted….transformed…and it was exactly what was needed.

When I think of how Nurse days must go, one patient after another, many traumas, dramas and stress, I am absolutely blown-away that she would have the motivation or energy to take the time to connect to a stranger’s heart, mind and soul.

I am dropping a GRATITUDE bomb on Robbie for going above and beyond her role as a nurse and choosing to shine her divine light on Virginia…and me…and I’m sure EVERYONE around her. Thank you so much!

I am impacted and inspired….to show up…to radiate my own unique light…because I was reminded…once more, this time by Nurse Robbie…that I have the POWER to make a positive difference…I can truly shift another’s world… for the better!

What a gift – to me….and others!

May I continue to strive to think, speak and act from LOVE.

Love is ALL there is!




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