Just a Woman Tending To Her Soul

Jan 15, 2022

Taking a short reprieve, stepping back and just making quiet space is a gift I now give myself regularly, perhaps more in the last couple of years than ever before.

I’ve learned the signals from my mind, body and spirit that rest is needed…and not necessarily, physical. Often, my mind and spirit need rest too.

When I start feeling heaviness, anxiety, sadness, frustration, or possibly the need to go to the refrigerator a few too many times, I realize it’s time to stop and take some time for me.

Sometimes all I need is just an afternoon off to read, play in my garden or dance my feelings away. But sometimes…it’s deeper than that and I need to reflect upon what I’m thinking, doing or not doing, or what’s happening around me.

In our complex world, it’s easy to ignore unease and keep intently moving forward, a highly beneficial practice….most days.  However, if I neglect my uneasiness for too long, it usually does not turn out pretty, so I have learned to take these feelings seriously and deal with them at my earliest convenience.

Often, it takes less than 15 minutes to reflect on what is bothering me and come to terms with it. Perhaps I’ve internalized an off-color comment from someone who matters to me. All I need to do is acknowledge it, truly realize it was them not me, or have a simple discussion with them, take a big breath, and let it go. Or if it was me, deal with it – reconcile, apologize, or redo it, take a big breath, and move forward.

This time it was a little different, requiring a little more time and effort. 
The new year is an exciting time. I love reviewing the previous year, reading over my writings and notes, reflecting, setting new goals and figuring out how I will obtain them. 2021 was challenging for me and I am ready to make changes and move forward. So much so, that I started laying my foundation in October. 

When January arrived, I froze.

Paralyzed and unable to move forward, I allowed myself to stop…and just be. I slept a little more. I read some good-for-my-soul books. I reconnected with long phone conversations. I spent time with my family – we laughed, played, cooked and ate, and just sat in each other’s presence. I weeded out my preconceived notions, self-judgement, and expectation of productivity. I nurtured my soul with presence, love and connection. 

Folks, things weren’t absolute perfection…but I allowed them to be what they were and went with the flow instead, enjoying every single moment and allowing my expectations of myself and others to gently roll away. What a lovely gift I gave myself!

Sometimes a woman must tend to her soul by resting, rejuvenating and experiencing joy – whatever that may be for her. Then the most important part - reflecting on our day, because that is where the lessons are learned. – the realizations of what worked well and what didn’t and how we want to integrate new learnings into our lives.

Paying attention, reflecting on our day and our feelings, attending to them as needed, and taking time to play and BE is self-love. 
Love Is ALL There Is!

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