Gratitude for the Smooth... and the Bumpy Road

Nov 24, 2021


It’s the day before Thanksgiving and on this busy day I stopped for a while, contemplated about people and what they experience.

I just met a grieving woman whose husband died suddenly just a few months ago. She related how she became very sick the next day and had to be hospitalized. She was ashamed of her fear and seemingly faithless behavior for a few days afterwards.

Her heavy-hearted spirit silently spoke with mine…and my heart reached out and held it tight for a moment.

I felt it. So did she.

One older gentleman I know, was pushed out of the home he shared for the last 15 years with his nephew, by his nephew’s new wife. He now lives alone in a senior group home, feeling rejected, lonely and a bit angry.

Yet another family I know received some devastating news, and life as they know it, will change and their hearts are broken.

Still, many other people and families are living their usual lives, preparing for coming holidays and celebrations.

I am sitting here contemplating…reminded…once again. Life has its ups and downs. I understood that differently when I was younger.

Now, I know. Life has taught me.

It’s not personal. I am not being punished, yet it sometimes feels that way. I have experienced highs and lows, and success and loss.

Knowing all this doesn’t necessarily make it any easier, but understanding that things will get better, digging deep into my own faith and putting LOVE at the center of my thoughts, words and actions yields connection, hope, resiliency and joy… but most of all, gratitude.

I am grateful when life is rolling along regularly… uneventfully, routinely, lovely and miraculously.

When life is bumpy, heartbreaking and challenging, I am grateful because I am strong, resilient and human. I know that what my mother used to say, “this too, shall pass” is true, and I am thankful I have learned that hard lesson.

I am human – I have feelings because I’m a passionate, empathetic and connected being. It’s taken a while to be strong enough to feel all the feelings. It is painful. It hurts me to my core to see another heartbroken.

I’m learning to sit with it. Acknowledge it. Talk about it. Listen to it. Feel it. Just be there.

It’s been a long time coming and I know in my heart, it is my most difficult, honorable and gratifying journey.

It scares the heck of me.

So, the Thanksgiving Day weekend approaches and I’m sitting here wondering about you. Sending you Love and hoping that if you happen to be on the smooth road, you slow to take in every beautiful moment of it, savor it, lock it away in your memory bank and love on your perfectly, imperfect circle. Possibly, reach out to someone who needs a kind word, a little love, an authentic smile, an ear to listen or a hot turkey sandwich.

And if your road is presently bumpy, stop for just a moment and feel the love. There are many of us out here…thinking of you and sending you love. Your pure spirit will make it through, and better days are coming.

Love is ALL there is!


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