Focus on the Light

Aug 19, 2021

Throughout my life, I focused on my goals and what needed to be done to move forward towards them. I wore blinders, focused on the target areas and made great progress, usually meeting or exceeding my goals.

Fast forward – life has happened. Lots of it! 

I’m not working as much or as hard. I have time to be more reflective, peel back and heal some more layers of my life….and it’s still not easy, in fact, it’s quite difficult.

The world continues to spin. We go through our collective ups and downs, falling apart and putting back together, and the pendulum swings to the highest and furthest edges.

Confusion and fear permeate the air. It’s no wonder that I am struggling a bit. 

Besides our normal life transitions and happenings, there’s a new, different energy and it cannot be ignored. 

I’m slowly making my way through, and sometimes it’s a bit messy and other times it’s energetic and hopeful. I find that, more than ever, I must shield myself from darkness because it seems to permanently hover nearby. 

Previously, positivity and optimism have been part of my DNA, now some days, it takes great determination and diligence to conjure up enthusiasm. Yes, it’s hard but I’m learning how to do it again…and it makes my life better.

I’m reevaluating, shifting, and recommitting to my values and beliefs. I’m also redefining how I will show up in this next chapter of my life. I know that I don’t have all the control, but I do control what I’m aiming for, the direction I’ll go and how I’ll respond to the bumps in the road and the everyday sunrises and sunsets.

I’m getting stronger, strengthening my tired foundation, and building a new vision for myself. My goals may not be as direct or black and white as they used to be, but they’re inspired, consequential…and possible!

I’m always reminded that life goes on, we persevere, adapt and change what we can but always, our human spirit prevails. It’s a comforting thought.

LOVE is ALL there is!



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