Finding Joy in the Strangest Places

Feb 10, 2022

Getting one of those take-your-breath-away “awe”some spiritual moments while attending a painting party in a backroom of a local bar & grill was the farthest thing from my mind when the three of us walked in ten minutes late feeling slightly uneasy for holding the class up. 

Facilitated by a dear friend who discovered he had “talent”, “inspiration” and “passion” for painting, I was delighted to be included and I’m always curious about how these three (talent, inspiration and passion) work synchronously, to bring about creativity and joy.

The waiting crowd welcomed us in and helped us find our places, get our materials, and of course, grab a refreshing beverage. 

I gathered my breath, felt warmly accepted and gazed around the room, and instantly knew it was going to be a magical evening.

In her book, “Atlas of the Heart”, Brene Brown defines joy “as an intense feeling of deep spiritual connection, pleasure and appreciation”, and surprisingly, I had the pleasure of experiencing it during this event.

Painting as he spoke, our mentor gently guided us, step-by-step, by creating his own example, giving us plenty of room to learn and paint with our own style and flair. Regularly walking about the room, he would quietly encourage and give each of us direction, when needed or requested.

Most of the time, we were deeply and silently immersed in the magic of painting, but occasionally, intrigued by the silent commitment of each artist, I put my paintbrush down and breathed in the joy of the moment. Gazing about the room, knowing some these people and the challenging circumstances they were experiencing outside of this room, I became aware that right now in this enchanted moment, worries interrupted, they were intently and intensely dabbing, swishing, and brushing – not a care in the world.

Bam! I felt it then – Joy! In that backroom of that neighborhood bar and grill, I felt deeply connected to each of these individual creators, grateful to be in that dynamic energy – united through the spirit that threads through each of us. 

I continue to understand that it’s the little things, sometimes the things you would least expect that bring those extraordinary moments of awe, love and connection. 

I am grateful that I took those minutes to stop and acknowledge the joy and to tuck it away as a sweet memory for down the road. It’s mine. My moment. My joy. It doesn’t matter if anyone of them felt it or not. I did.

By the way, our amateur artworks were all amazing – none of them were replicas of the original. They were each a little different, unique in their style, colors and swishes, after all, we are all unique, in one way or another. Finding that special something that turns on your imagination paves the road to inspiration… and hopefully, joyful moments!

It’s kind of hokey – but these really are the times of our lives!

Love is ALL there is!




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