Wildly Inspired by Life's Divine Dance



Calling all of you with a yearning to connect with other open-minded, spirited, life-long learners! WILDD Hearts was inspired by a group of friends who have shared life experiences, struggled with hardship and challenges and prospered with family, careers and life experience. We are determined to create a safe space to develop meaningful relationships with like-minded people. It is said that “you are the people you hang out with", and we’re hoping to enlarge our group of positive "see the glass half-full", people on the path of self-development, compassion, spirituality, and contribution – allowing all of us to BE who we choose to be – enlightened learners and kind, caring, proactive human beings. Each of us are on our own path of self-development but we are also brilliant, empowered, knowledgeable leaders who will provide monthly self-development presentations and a forum for active discussion. We come from different backgrounds – education, entrepreneurs, nursing, life coaching, parents, grandparents, etc. It is our hope that we will build a tribe of inspired people who will share their wisdoms, strategies, habits, and skills to support us all as we progress towards our own individual goals.

What Is Life's Divine Dance?

Whatever it is that exhilarates you, emboldens you to be your authentic self, provokes you to keep moving forward…no matter what, stimulates your curiosity, infuses loving peace, sparks uninhibited laughter, connects you with your highest power….. and produces pure joy!

W -Wildly

I – Inspired by

L – Life’s

D – Divine

D - Dance

Is This For Me?

If you are someone who knows that there is more to life than our mundane, every day survival routine;  if you yearn to be more, to become your most authentic self and have deeper conversations with like-minded friends; if you dream of something so big it terrifies you, then you are a WILDD Heart!  Here we will delve into what makes us tick ... and tock.  We will address some of the issues and barriers that seem to hold us back from moving forward in our lives, we will hear from courageous souls who have taken action to make their lives happen their way.  WILDD Hearts are a group of amazing people helping each other to the best version of ourselves!


Our stories demonstrate the lessons we have learned – and they must be shared.  So many times, we have felt alone in our situations, not realizing we were never alone.  Many have had similar experiences before us, and have a tale to tell and wisdom to share.  Most have survived and can provide a road map or the key to the map and more.  We stand on the backs of those before us and by sharing our stories, others will be supported by each of us and the lessons we share.

For whatever reasons, we have hidden in closets, cried in solitude and sat in despair over something we have done or have not done.  We’ve taken on the burden and the shame of simple life lessons. Sometimes, we have just felt alone and out of place.  We are human beings, built to take risks,  make mistakes, learn from them and fly from those lessons!  Somewhere along the way we have been judged harshly and internalized the responsibility, shame and pain – thinking we should be perfect from the get-go.  It’s not true!   Often, we have been our own harshest critics.  It is time to allow the light to flood the darkness by giving one another a gentle nudge or a supporting hand.  Welcome here!

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